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One of my passions is Photography so I am in the process of putting some of my best photos onto the website. I mainly take portraits and landscape shots and I have done a couple of weddings. I use an SLR and develop pictures in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop and process a lot of HDR photos of my landscape work, please have a look at the Categories below - please note I have just started to design this page so there will be a few updates etc so please come back soon.

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Latest Pictures

Pictures from South East Europe. A recent trip to Croatia, Montenegro & Bosnia resulted in some good photos . Please have a look below. Please click the picture to view pictures.

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Sunflowers in a summer field.


3 photos +/- 1 stop imported into Lightroom - then into Photomatix pro taken in August 2017

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Some of my best portraits in this folder, most pictures taken of family members usually in Black & White.

HDR photos where I layer 3 photos together all with different exposure levels to preserve highlights, shadows etc.