Baddesley Clinton & Packwood House

We visited two lovly national trust propertys out near Birmingham Today. First we visited Packwood house The house is originally 16th-century, yet its interiors were extensively restored between the world wars by Graham Baron Ash to create a fascinating 20th-century evocation of domestic Tudor architecture. Packwood House contains a fine collection of 16th-century textiles and furniture, and the gardens have renowned herbaceous borders and a famous collection of yews. We then visited Baddesley Clinton witch you must visit. This atmospheric house dates from the 15th century and was the home of the Ferrers family for 500 years. The house and interiors reflect its heyday in the Elizabethan era, when it was a haven for persecuted Catholics ¿ there are three priest's holes. There is a delightful garden with stewponds and a romantic lake and nature walk

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Baddesley Clinton & Packwood House



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More info on Packwood house can be found here.
More info on Baddesley Clinton can be found here.

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