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Canvin Family History

I will use this space to publish files, photos and other stuff we have found on the web and in the family archives. I have a large collection of old photos and hopefully one day I will get them all published on the website. Please click the article you are interested in below please remember that this is an ongoing project so will get larger over time. .....Mitch May 2014

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A very interesting article on the sale of the White lion Public house in Wicken in the year 1883. Many thanks to Family Historian Steven Canvin in Canada for researching the following articles - hope you find it interesting .
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This Page is dedicated to the memory of all Canvin family members that served in the Great War 1914 - 1918. Soldiers from Australia, Canada, and the uk all saw action, and three family members paid the ultimate sacrifice .
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A Short History about the Canvin’s Butchers shops in the Towns of Stony Stratford and Bedford. Many thanks to Steve and Janet for help with this page, if any readers have anymore old photos etc please send them on to me.