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A new part of the website that I will publish, does exactlly what the title says. Here you find old photos that the family have of the village, and other interesting stuff, if you have any material then please don't hesitate to send it to us.
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The Three Peaks

We got the idea to climb the three highest peaks in the Uk, early on in the year, Scafell Pike, Snowdon, and finally Ben Nevis. Maps were purchased and routes scrutinised for the best way up to the peaks, we decided not to do them all at once as we had no interest in climbing in the dark and driving all that way………
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James Canvin Coal Merchant

Got this great find recently on Ebay. I am currently putting together a Canvins coal history in the village and will be posting it very soon. This document is from 1875 and shows an order for Coal from a Mr Fricker. It was for a very large amount so I thought he must be using it for a business if any body knows of the Fricker family then please get in touch with us. Please note Document is 2.5mb and is in PDF format for ease of use. Please click the picture on the left to download, or you can right click to save.
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John Anthony Canvin

Now finally, this little article I researched a couple of years ago. I found this lost family member in my records and decided to look into his war record. I came up with the sad story of how he was killed in the second world war at the very young age of 18. He served on the HMS Chanticleer, and was buried off the Azores. The U-Boat that sunk the boat was one of the worst out of the German wolf pack, and sunk many tonnes of both Merchant & Naval shipping. Please click the picture or read more to view the complete document.
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The Roberts Postcards

I recently saw one of these postcards going again on Ebay, they wanted £28 for it !!!. Well i have a set of three anyway and i am not paying £28 for a postcard. All i can find out about them is the cards were taken for the Robert's family in 1937. The Robert's family were once owners of the Britannia Iron works that went bankrupt in 1927, please visit the excellent site Deanshanger E&H Roberts iron works for more details on the Robert's works. Im interested in naming the people in the pictures for the record books, i have a few names already.
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Canvin Family History

Old Canvin family history from the archives dug out of the broom cupboard by Steve Canvin from Canada. We have articles including old custodial reports and also farms and public houses the family once owned long long ago.
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A Long Canal Walk for 2015

Our aim for 2015 is to walk along the Grand Union and all its sub-arms from the Thames in London all the way back to Deanshanger. its going to take a long while to do it all but the maps are made up and i have broke it down into manageable chunks, however some of the walks are over 20 miles. The main problems are getting public transport in-between the start and stop points and also the large costs involved. Please visit the link below to keep you informed of the years developments.

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Bradwell Windmill

yes i know its not in Deanshanger but its still of interest to people in the Village. I have some rare pictures that were taken by my Great Grandfather Felts who lived in Wolverton and was a very keen photographer. I have not seen these pictures ever before and will be of great interest to historians.